Thanksgiving is next Thursday-Order Your Pies Today by Phone

Well, Is it time yet?

Yes ! It's time to call Sugarless deLite at 972-644-2000 to order these Thanksgiving goodies from Sugarless deLite. Pecan Pies,Pumpkin Breads,Cheesecakes and more are on our order form. Are you ready ? Give us a call and enjoy.

Weekly Specials November 17- November 22

8 Freezers Large Yogurts for $29,79

Buy a Bag of WiO Rolls and get a free small yogurt

Our Newest Item Will Blow your Mind!
WiO Smart Rolls
Our newest product are perfect for any dinner. The WiO(Weight is Over) Smart rolls are yeast rolls like you would find in any major restaurant. However, what makes them special is whats inside. These rolls will only be 1 net carb, 37 calories, 4g of fiber, and 6g of protein per roll. Taste one and you will become a believer too! 


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