21 September 2014

Save with our Weekly Daily Report-Learn how this Week

Sugarless deLite does this weekly blog with daily savings. All you got to do is once a week go to sugarlessdelight.blogspot.com  and see how to save. We are posting this in the Store for you to use the week of September 22-27th.We hope that after seeing how easy that it is too save. We hope that you check out the Daily Report weekly.

Limit One Special a Day-Enjoy

This Weeks Specials

2 Small yogurts for $4.99

Cupcake Monday-Any in stock Cupcakes are 99 cents each

Add $100 to your yogurt card and get 6 Free Large Yogurts-No Additional Bonuses

Buy 5 Walden Farm products and get a Free Medium Yogurt

2 Mini-Cake loaves are $10.99

Today's Flavors

Chocolate Cheesecake,Juicy Raspberry,Chocolate Decadence, and World Class Vanilla

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