Cool Day for a Yogurt at Sugarless deLite

Check Out These Savings
Tuesday-May 13th-Freezers Large Yogurts are on Sale for $3.00. Limit 6
Wednesday-May 14th-Yogurt Happy Hour -Small Yogurts are $1.99 All Day -Limit 2
Thursday-May 15th-If Rangers beat Astros Wednesday,Small are 99 cents Today. Limit 2-On request
Friday-May 16th-Buy $100 Gift Card & Sugarless deLite will add $15 extra for Free-In Store Only-Limit 1
Saturday-May 17th-Buy 2 Mini loaves at regular price and get a third for $2.99  

Flavors Exiting Today

Juicy Raspberry and Caramel Fudge


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