What a Great Day to See Your Friends at Sugarless "D"

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  What Is the Yogurt Club ?

The yogurt club is a prepaid gift card for yogurt with Bonus value and privileges. You can join for a minimum of $30 which earns you a $30 gift card plus a 10% bonus. This makes the gift card worth $33.Plus ,you also get a free Small yogurt on day of purchase which makes the true value of your $30 purchase-$36. It is also usable for discounts as offered today.

Questions...Be sure to ask
April 12-Saturday- Yogurt Club Members can get 2 Larges for $2.50 each plus tax-Limit 2  

Today's Flavors

Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Mocha Fudge and Strawberry 


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