27 June 2013

Enjoy a Happy Hour Yogurt All Day at a Special Price-$1.49

Where else can you get a seven ounce frozen yogurt with only 91 calories? Where else can you get it for $1.49 ? These are the treats available at Sugarless deLite today until 7pm tonight. Small yogurts are only $1.49. Limit 2.

Back to 6 Pm

Beginning June 30th , we will once again close at 6pm. The traffic or lack of traffic from 6 to 7 pm has been such that many of the nights we have 3 or fewer customers. Times change. When we first opened in 1989, Sugarless deLite was open until 10 pm. Different times and a changing role of the store has made this happen. We are open 362 days a year so come on down.
Today's Flavor's
Lemon,Toffee Nut,Chocolate Decadence and World Class Vanilla

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