26 November 2011

Shop Us on Small Business Saturday

What a great way to support your neighbors and friends by shopping  America's Small stores where you see the owner everyday. We employee students and others that are the heart and soul of what makes America tick. We are not Super Stores but the storefronts across America. We may not have "the lowest price guaranteed" but we work hard to have the products that the Super Stores will not carry. The big boys see "no profit" in Sugar free and when they do their stores undercut people like us; then when the profits are gone...so are the Sugar Free items Thanks for your support!

"Shop at a place where we may know your name and we are glad you came" -Sugarless deLite

Today Flavor's
Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Egg Nog and Pumpkin

Blog Special

Say you support Small Businesses and we will give you an extra $ 5 for every $25 , that you load on a Gift Card, Limit $20 extra.

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