Random Thought....

As I was stopping by CVS,the lady behind me was in a "big hurry'.The clerk said it would be a minute while he went and got some $1 bills.(My change had 4 quarters due to the lack of $1 bills.)
This was not good enough for the lady behind me.She once again said she was in a BIG hurry.I looked to see what "life saving" drug this women was holding that cause this important outburst it was...a 6 pack of bubbles.
What do you think?

Have we become an impatient society,where everything has to be in a hurry?

Today's "Not in A Hurry Sale"

# 1 All cones ...all day are $1.79. Must be a cone.Limit one

# 2 Buy any one yogurt for the price of a small from any machine.Small,medium or large.Limit 1.

Today's Flavor's

Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Toffee Nut,Banana Cheesecake,Grasshopper and White Chocolate Raspberry.


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