Everyone Wins With Last Nights Maverick Win at Sugarless deLite

Today's Flavors
Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Pistachio,Marshmallow,Cookies and Cream and Butter Pecan.

Maverick's Win Bring Free Yogurt

Last nights Mav's win brings back our playoff long yogurt special. Buy one and get one yogurt free.Limit one No XL. Of course we can put it all in one cup if you want!!
Let's Win it all this time!!

New Extended Topping Coming June 1st

You have asked for it and we are doing it. Sugarless deLite will have a new extended topping selection coming June 1st.Topping will all be sugar free and will include
Chocolate Raisins
Chocolate Peanuts
Blanched Almonds
Hot Fudge
Gummi Bear
Gummi Worms
Chocolate Cashews
Pecan Pieces and more
Single or double topping are 75 cents each
Triple Topping are $1.99


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