31 January 2011

Help us Grow on the Web with a Post !

I need your help. The way many people find Sugarless deLite is through reading a review on the web. Many of you have been in the store when people ask us "Does anything taste good in the store?" The new customer will look to you and not me for " true" info. So if you got a minute go to Yelp or Urban Spoon and put your 2 cents in for Sugarless deLite.Of course a Google Review or any site is great . Thanks Rick

Today's Flavors

Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Peanut Butter,Maple Nut,NY Cheesecake and Orange Vanilla

Blog Special

Buy a piece of our pecan pie and get a small yogurt for 79 cents

Last Day for Cream Pie sale. All Cream pie today are $ 12.99


We got a New 10 calorie - 0 sugar -Grape Jelly . Check it out.

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