28 December 2010

Time to Plan for the New Year ?

As we close out 2010, it is a great time to see what went right in the past year. Did you lose those pounds that you wanted to drop ? Did you get to the gym like you hoped? Did you call your Mom weekly? Did you volunteer ? So many thing to keep track of but nothing is more important than your health. We get one life and no matter what, it is up to us to make choices. Healthy eating is one of those choices. Let Sugarless deLite help you with what ever program you choose to follow in 2011. Be it Weight Watcher,Atkins,South Beach, HGC or whatever it may be ....Sugarless deLite can help

Today's Flavors

Chocolate Decasence,World Class Vanilla,Grasshopper,Chocolate Banana,Pumpkin and Egg Nog.

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