It's Time

Maybe for you it was the change of season......Maybe the winter clothes are a little tight....Maybe you want to eat healthy to keep up with the grandchildren or just because it's time to change those eating habits. No one diets anymore. People make "lifestyle changes". I like that approach. We need to do things for the long term and not for the minute. If we do it for the short term ,we are yo-yo dieters. The old up and down with our weight.

Sugarless deLite can help with food choices. 80% of our customer are not diabetic but use us for healthy eating choices. Check out our links on the blog page to connect for better health.

Friday's Flavors

Lemon,Mango,World Class Vanilla,Chocolate Decadence, Pecan Praline and Grasshopper.

Blog Special

Stock up on Chocolite bars.... For every box you buy, get a $5.00 yogurt card. No Limit. Buy 10 boxes of Chocolite bar and get a $ 50 yogurt card. All day


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