31 May 2010

Yes ! We are Open Memorial Day 10-6. Go Braves

Today's Flavors
Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Peanut Butter,Peach,Butter Pecan and Lemon

June 1st-Special

Sugarless deLite is having a party and you are invited. To celebrate our later hours starting Tuesday, June 1, we are having an ALL YOU CAN EAT SPECIAL. From 5-7pm, pay for a small and eat all you want smalls and cones . No to go. Check in store for large to go specials.Up to 4 larges from freezer for the price of a small each. All must come from freezer.Call us at 972-644-2000 with questions

I have tried not to write alot of rules but Sugarless deLite will impose limits on people who do not play fair. Thanks

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